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Literature-Science Challenge

Paper Aeroplane Investigation

The aim of this investigation is to find out what changes (or design modifications) will make a paper aeroplane fly further.​

Antoine de Saint-Exupery was a pilot who often had to make modifications or repairs to his aeroplane. To find out whether the repairs or changes had been effective, he had to have information (statistical data) so he could compare the changes and decide whether they made a difference or not.

  1. Each student must complete his/her own investigation. However, you might like to do this at the same time as other students for a bit of fun competition. Ask your teacher to allow you about an hour outside to conduct your investigation .
  2. Your work will be marked (graded) by a Webcats teacher. You will receive a score out of 100 and a comment. This work will count towards your end-of-term report, so give it your best shot!
  3. You must register as a student to do this challenge. Once you have registered you will be sent the link to download the activity.

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