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WebCats programs are designed to meet the needs of creative and talented children. Delivery via the web enables students to be grouped with their academic peers to complete differentiated learning projects in a range of disciplines.

WebCats works closely with participating schools, groups and educational institutions to develop and deliver educational programs tailored to the specific needs and interests of students.

All WebCats educators are highly qualified and experienced practitioners in their field, whose aim is to engage and challenge each learner to do his or her best. 


WebCats programs are multi-disciplinary and involve both right-brain and left-brain thought processes. This balanced approach fosters development of each child in the artistic as well as the intellectual domains. The program's structure is influenced by the wisdom of leading educational theorists such as Gagne', Williams, Gardener, Wiggins and McTighe. The result is a three-dimensional teaching and learning framework that caters for a diverse range of learning styles, interests and talents.


Students involved in meaningful and authentic learning experiences, pitched at the right level of challenge, demonstrate a deeper understanding of their subject and exhibit greater willingness to participate in educational activities.


Student Enrolment


Students enter the WebCats program via invitation or nomination by their teacher, parent or school principal. Selection criteria look at the academic and creative aptitude of prospective participants. Motivation and commitment are key to a student's performance in the program.


School Programs

The following programs are offered in 2018:


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