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Lucy Jurek-Macey...


is an artist and teacher who is

passionate about the natural



Lucy has been painting and drawing for over thirty years, and during that time has explored a variety of media - pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil and acrylic and some printing.

Lucy began her art career as a commercial artist after completing a course at East Sydney College. She completed an Art major while studying for her Diploma in Teaching. She also holds a Certificate in Painting and Drawing from Bega TAFE.

Lucy's style or technique has been influenced by a range of artists and movements who have touched her in some particular way at pivotal points in time.

The subject of her art ranges from the political to exploring and communicating the sheer beauty and fragility of the natural world we live in. As a member of the 'Wildart' group Lucy has tried to draw attention to wonder of the environment as well as the impact that we humans have made on this planet. The group has exhibited in NSW parliament House, the ACT Legislative Assembly exhibition room, Bega Regional Gallery and other local galleries. 

Lucy's work has featured in numerous exhibitions, including:

Landscape over Time and Emotion 10th June-2nd July 2000 Wildart Sells Out 28th March-21st April 2002

Atmosphere of Hope 25th May-8th June 2007

Living Like Gods 21st March-26th April 2014

In her role as Associate Artist-Teacher in the Webcats program, Lucy's unique skill set will be invaluable as she assists and encourages each student to extend their creativity in the making of their Picture Book.


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